The oily film is mild on the palate, and yet there's enough of it to cover the mouth. Then comes a smoky mixture, both woody and earthy, followed by a faint taste of caramel. A hint of undefinable fruitiness emerges, whilst the tongue is tickled by spices. We're dealing here with something of such controlled, enormous magnitude and pure class that you can do nothing but sit back and enjoy this whisky with pleasure and deep awe. Jim Murray


Like all our whiskies, the spring water for our Säntis Malt ­«Edition Himmelberg» originates from the Alpstein. Julia Nourney characterises it as follows: «Light and fruity, which shows its true face in the roof of the mouth with spicy, wood-based aromas.» The secret lies in transferring it from a beer cask into various wine casks.


Although this edition ages in oak barrels, it still seems to leap out the glass at you. As soon as you catch a whiff of this exclusive aroma, your mouth will quite literally start to water. A pure malt that melts on the tongue, combined with a juicy fruitiness and a few spices. Plenty of vanilla underscores the oak companionably. Jim Murray


Nougat and caramel flavours, faintly sweet, thick ? and an unusual, pleasant aftertaste. The cows that produce the wonderfully thick cream for our "Säntis Cream" graze peacefully in lush green meadows. Our Säntis Malt Edition "Säntis" ages in oak barrels until it is mature enough to be wedded to rich, snow-white cream and relished as "Marwees" Säntis Cream.


The cellars in which Säntis Malt matures can be found at the foot of the Alpstein. Every cask is an individual rarity full of character and is carefully selected by the master distiller. When it is first laid down in the oak beer casks seeped in history, the whisky ­obtains its award-winning quality. The finish follows in a bourbon, port, sherry, wine or other special cask The whisky is produced as a continuous, limited «Edition Alpstein». Currently


The NEW Säntis Malt Whisky Liqueur. A temptingly sweet and fruity seduction from beer barrel aged Säntis Malt Whisky and aromatic apricots. Details & Tasting Notes


Eery year, right before Christmas, this exceptional filling comes onto the market. If you want to get to know whiskey from an unknown side, do not miss our Snow White bottlings. After finishings in apple- , cherry-spirt or Vieille Prune (old plum) barrels, this year a Vieille Poire cask has been serving real service. 2016 Snow White 4 ; 2017 Snow White 5; 2018 Snow White 6


At first, the "Föhnsturm" is aged for 3.5 to 4.5 years in beer barrels. After, the whiskey is given a short wine finish of a few months. Aromas from different wine barrels giving it both sweet and fruity notes. The second maturation process is interrupted exactly when, on one hand, distinct aromas of the first maturation period in the beer barrels are recognizable, but the notes of the second maturation do not yet dominate.

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