Säntis Malt Whisky Liqueur - Apricot Malt Liqueur (35% Vol)

A temptingly sweet and fruity seduction from beer barrel aged säntis malt whiskey and aromatic apricots.


(Notes by Julia Nourney, dec. 2016)


After the highly successful whiskey cream liqueur Marwees and the Christmas cinnamon liqueur, the beer and whiskey makers from Appenzell have now expanded their portfolio by another liqueur. Admittedly, I was somewhat skeptical at first and, like many others, I have asked myself what an apricot liqueur has to do with whiskey or beer. The answer, however, came surprisingly fast, after I had tried it once.

The overwhelming fruit notes make the liqueur a drinking experience for which one needs no reason and for which any time is always the right time. And if you serve the liqueur with a small ice cube, you can also lightly beam into a Hollywood swing in a balmy summer terrace night, no matter how uncomfortable the weather will be in the coming months.

Color: Sunny, dark straw

Nose: Apricot and very juicy vineyard pach, slightly almond, some rose water, love apple (fairy apple with red sugar glaze), very good sweet-sour balance.

Palate: Again apricot, but now as in wine brandy, very almond, subtle sweetness with good acid structure, almost like orange zest, again love apple.

Finish: Surprisingly strong and long lasting, as one experiences it with a liqueur only rarely.

Note: An amazing transformation, first of all a real nose-charmer, and on the palate, the liqueur then shows that it is not a pure girl drink.


Ingredients: Säntis Malt Whiskey (matured in beer barrels), sugar, natural apricot flavor
Alcohol content: 35% abv.
Availability: unlimitied, only in 50cl bottles





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