Marketing Manager


For me, Säntis Cream means pure pleasure and a unique feeling of well-being.


On cosy evenings, together with family or good friends, we often enjoy a glass of Säntis Cream. Then we share all the latest gossip, laugh until our sides are splitting, and philosophise about the meaning of life until the early hours. These are the sort of moments which make life worth living – priceless, indescribable, unique. And a glass of Säntis Cream to go with it all – quite simply perfect!


Taking time for people who are important to me. A glass of Säntis Cream, savouring the creamy, sweet taste. Good conversations, laughter – what more could one need?


Economist, headmaster and connoisseur


Whisky from Appenzell – Säntis Malt from Locher, to be exact – is multifaceted and fascinating. In my opinion, the flavour is absolutely und unmistakeably good and special. Those who preoccupy themselves with this single malt will always discover new facets. Like the weather in the Säntis: sometimes stormy,
sometimes placid, but always with a great deal of character – a lacing of discretion, sometimes even a certain reticence, not only in words – something so wholly a part of the Appenzell character, something that makes it so special. The application is varied too: now for pure pleasure alone, now as an alternative “medicine”  when the respiratory system is congested or a cold is on its way.
My favourite: each edition in its own time


Communicator and child of nature

I was infected by the germ of fascination for Scottish single malts long ago. It’s amazing to see how this "water of life " manages to convey the qualities of its ingredients and home territory. Thus my expectations for Locher whiskies were high – and yet were exceeded!


Each edition has embodied something of home for me.  The Dreifaltigkeit edition is particularly worthy of note here: the firework of flavour on the palate is incomparable. The characteristics of this whisky are as multifaceted as life itself. Thus, each sip has a deeper meaning for me. Each and every sip has a deeper meaning for me. Enjoy, relax, ponder, revitalise.


My favourite: Edition Dreifaltigkeit


Home-sick Appenzell lady


No, I’m not an experienced whisky connoisseur, I do have a good nose, but I still can’t taste Appenzell in a drink. I didn’t like whisky at all for a long time, anyway – maybe because you have to have reached a certain age before you can enjoy a single malt? Or is whisky drinking an acquired art? Like learning a new instrument, where you have to learn the fingering and the notes, and then practice for hours before you can play a piece of music with feeling? There was a time when it took carnival and lots of rambazamba to get me excited about whisky. Nowadays, being more relaxed about everything, I’ve also discovered the tranquility of whisky. Particularly in winter, it’s wonderful to be able to enjoy a good single malt with a group of friends, and feel the warmth. And a little piece of dark chocolate to go with it, of course – typical woman that I am.


Director of Culture


Whisky, no thanks! That was my opinion for a good number of years. I didn’t feel the slightest bit curious about whisky, let alone wanting to try it.


But when Locher brewery and Säntis Malt appeared on the scene, my curiosity finally got the better of me. Can they? Yes, they most certainly can! They’ve been intimate with the raw ingredients for years, and if you can make good whisky in the Scottish highlands, why not in Appenzell? The landscapes have much in common, and they say the inhabitants do too.


My favourite: Edition Sigel


Graphic designer


The mountainous landscape keeps driving the inhabitants of Appenzell to greater heights. With their Säntis Malt, they have once again succeeded in hatching a product which is already a tradition. This product line not only boasts a convincing flavour, it’s also a delight to the eye.


I’m not a whisky expert myself, and when it  boils down to it, it’s all a matter of taste, of course  – but Säntis Malt has cult status, it’s a tradition, united with a unique history of beer, customs and craftsmanship.


My favourite: I like them all

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