The Whiskytrek makes every whisky collector or whisky connoisseur's heart beat faster. You can now enhance a beautiful hike or several tours in the Alpstein with that certain extra for whisky lovers.


Update June 2023: The Hotel Kaubad has ceased operations until further notice. However, the 1dl collector bottles are temporarily available at our Visitor Centre "Brauquöll".

Update 2023-2025: the Appenzeller Whiskytrek lives on...


... with an exclusive trophy that can be shown and worn! The hiking season is open! Whoever collects all 26 whiskies of the Whiskytrek in the Alpstein will receive an original Appenzell belt with a real silver buckle from the belt maker Roger Dörig as a new "finisher trophy". This reward replaces all previous collector activities.

With each purchase of one 1dl bottle of whisky, comes a "barrel stickers" to collect and to be put into your personal "Whiskytrek pass". If this pass is full, the collectors will receive an exclusive leather belt with a real silver buckle from belt maker Roger Dörig (worth CHF 350) as a reward. Leather color and length can be selected. The Whiskytrek belt buckle is only available as a Whiskytrek trophy and cannot be purchased. The promotion is valid until the end of the season 2025

The collection pass is available at the participating mountain inns and at the "Brauquöll" visitor center of the Locher brewery at Brauereiplatz in Appenzell. There - and in Roger Dörig's "Shop" - the belt can also be ordered.

Old, expired coupons of the Whiskytrek are no longer valid, but can be exchanged at the "Brauquöll" for a 1dl bottle. The decorative 9 wooden frames to store the collected treasures, can also still be purchased there.



The Experience

Each of the 26 Alpstein mountain inns stores its own special, individual whisky on site in oak barrels and thus has a very special unique product to offer. This is another reason why several of the mountain inn-keepers have come up with different ideas for storing their whisky. Just a visit to the barrels is an experience in itself (occasionally only on request).


Also for at Home

The in-house whisky is available by the glass. To consume it at home you can buy 10 cl bottles signed by the mountain innkeeper (cask keeper). Since 2019, also a limited number of 50cl bottles have been available in every inn.


Sample and Collect

In order to preserve the exclusivity of the different whiskies, the 10 cl bottles can only be purchased in the respective mountain inn. The voucher system was abolished on December 31, 2019.


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