The Whisky Trek is bound to appeal to every whisky collector and whisky connoisseur. A wonderful hike or even a number of tours in the Alpstein district can now be enhanced with a little something extra for whisky lovers.


Update - December 2017

Whisky Trek 2: 2017-2019


Due to the positive feedback from the association and the impressive numbers, it was not difficult to decide with the mountain innkeepers to extend the Whisky Trek to the end of October 2019. Holders of vouchers already sold will, of course, also benefit from this extension.  For this reason, new vouchers for Collector Tours (9 and 26 inn) will also be issued from 1 December 2017. Due to a withdrawal (Krone Brülisau Restaurant), the full tour now comprises 26 mountain inns.


Other new features from December 1, 2017 include a new Finisher Trophy that will replace the 26-Inn Collector's Display Box, new 8-Inn and 9-Inn Display Boxes that will be available from mid-July 2018, and the ability to upgrade the 9-Inn tour to a 26-Inn tour. The whole project will be supported by a new brochure on the Trek from the end of December 2017.




The Experience

Each of the 26 Alpstein mountain inns stores its own special, individual whisky on site in oak barrels and thus has a very special unique product to offer. This is another reason why several of the mountain inn-keepers have come up with different ideas for storing their whisky. Just a visit to the barrels is an experience in itself (occasionally only on request).


Also for at Home

The in-house whisky is available by the glass. To consume it at home you can buy 10 cl bottles signed by the mountain innkeeper (cask keeper). But how do you get a hold of such a limited bottle?


Sample and Collect

In order to preserve the exclusivity of the different whiskies, the 10 cl bottles can only be purchased in the respective mountain inn. If you would like to sample and collect a number of whiskies, it is best to purchase one of the two voucher booklets which are available in all mountain restaurants, in the Brauquöll Visitor Center and in our web shop (only within Switzerland).


The Tours

For whisky lovers who would like to collect their whisky in stages, the smaller “Neunertour” (9-Inn Tour) for 150 and the Achtertour (8-Inn Tour) for 135 francs are available. With the appropriate voucher booklet in hand, the Säntis Malts can be collected from nine or eight mountain inns that you can select. The coveted Collector's Display Boxes can also be purchased at Brauquöll. These are ideal for displaying the distillates. With TREK 2, the “long-distance runners” among the whisky trekkers also have the option of buying the Finisher Tour for 390 francs in advance. Those who have tracked down all 26 Säntis Malts will receive the corresponding Finisher Trophy as a gift when they hand in their vouchers.


Please note: The Collector’s Display Boxes and Finisher Trophy are only available in Brauquöll (map no. 26).


We wish you an enjoyable time in the Alpstein, where the whisky ages as uniquely as is only possible in a unique environment. Discover the fine spirits and taste them as they have developed.


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