European Whisky of the Year 2010

The Locher AG Brewery received its due from Jim Murray. The Appenzell Säntis Malt Dreifaltigkeit Edition is declared Europe’s best drink by the "whisky pope".The Brit enjoyed this edition immensely, rating it higher than several hundreds of whiskys from all over the world.


As a global authority on whisky – and thus often called the  "whisky-pope " – Jim Murray publishes the Whisky Bible each year, a compendium of globally available products, all of which he has personally tasted and evaluated. For his 2010 Bible, he carefully examined nearly 4000 whiskies, assessing them according to a 100 point list. Achieving an amazing 96.5 points with their Säntis Malt Edition Trinity, the Appenzell brewery was able to position its whisky for the coveted World Whisky Award 2010. This award is only presented to whiskies which have been awarded 94 or more points, and which can thus be counted with a clear conscience amongst the crème de la crème. Along with the World Whisky Award 2010, the Lochers also came first with their Single Malt in the "European Whisky of the Year 2010" category, beating several hundred other products in this line – including 28 other Swiss whiskies.  


Thus, the Appenzell brewery beat several hundred other products in this line. here, whisky is made from malt which has been smoked twice over, and is stored in old beer barrels which have been smoked out with oak wood – something unique in whisky production. This is responsible for the development of the strong, smoky aroma. The flavour also comprises hints of vanilla, wild berries and prunes.




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