Viva la new special edition cask 1144

Säntis Malt cask 1144, 8 years, 57.5% vol. Säntis Malt is slowly growing older, and now we’re ready to present an 8-year old whisky for the first time. Although grain has been brewed in Appenzell since July 1999 – when a new era dawned for Swiss breweries, who had not been permitted to brew grain before this date – this is nonetheless the oldest ever whisky to have been brewed in Appenzell under the name of Säntis.


Whisky was, of course, brewed in Locher brewery before this, but only a very little is left in just a few barrels. Larger quantities were not brewed until 2005, so hopefully in the future we’ll be seeing more bottles of this vintage, which basically forms the base of the Säntis series.

Amber, reflecting in red-gold


Fresh and fruity, strong hints of blackcurrant and lemon, lime zest, damp tobacco leaves, subtly herbal, a hint of sweetness which is hidden at first; like a warm attic on a hot summer’s day. When diluted slightly, the scent becomes warmer, more caramelly, spicier, but also a little woody.


Freshly baked swiss roll with blackcurrant cream filling, then again a hint of lemon and lemon peel, spicy, herbal, a little fresh wood. By adding a few drops of water, this whisky tastes slightly woodier and more floral, herbal and thus drier.


The freshness lingers, then the palate starts to feel dry on account of the woody flavour, and the whisky starts to taste bitter.


Because the whisky has matured in oak barrels for 8 years, it has an oily, almost viscous consistency. Particularly when it’s in the glass, you can clearly see wide, heavy streaks running up and down the sides of the glass – a veritable feast for the eyes.


This whisky is a heavyweight, as sturdy as an old oak, but with a gentle, sensitive and vibrant side to it, which you often have to look twice to see.


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