Brauquöll Appenzell

At a prime site in Appenzell, the Locher AG Brewery has now constructed a new visitor centre. In the course of an exciting "circular tour" through the Brauquöll Appenzell, visitors can find out lots of interesting facts about brewing and also find out how fresh spring water is turned into Säntis Malt and Appenzeller Bier.Individuals and groups (on request) are welcome here at all times.


Even from a distance – depending upon the direction of the wind – you can catch the scent of the fresh Appenzell air mingling with the aroma of hops and barley. Unfamiliar for some, for others it is the smell of home, tradition, science – or quite simply art. Right here, in Brauereiplatz 1 (No.1, Brewery Square) in Appenzell, next to the large car park, the Locher family have been brewing their Säntis Malt and Appenzeller Bier for five generations. And now, on top of brewing, there’s also viewing. With the official opening of the new visitor centre "Brauquöll Appenzell", visitors now have the chance to find out all about the art of diligent brewing.
Even the entrance hall embraces the aura of the brewery – homely, down-to-earth, traditional, but also forward-looking. These same qualities filter through to the heart of the “Brauquöll Appenzell”. Just what awaits the stream of visitors remains a secret – what else would you expect from the inhabitants of Appenzell? But maybe it wouldn’t harm to just take a small glimpse. In an exciting circular tour, a mixture of facts and fun awaits all visitors. Besides delving into the art of brewing, all senses are stimulated – seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling are the order of the day, which suits the tastes of beer and whisky fanatics. This framework has lent the traditional Appenzell brewery a small-scale stage for making big impressions.
Asked why, Karl Locher says: “People kept coming and asking for guided tours. Up to now, we haven’t been able to meet these requests. But that’s why we began a year ago to build the centre, to introduce fans, tourists and those who are just plain curious to our family business in a congenial manner. Have we succeeded?"
Visit us to find out more about the new discovery centre. www.brauquö




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