Real malt needs to be stored for many years to come to maturity. What could be more natural, therefore, than to allow our Swiss Alpine to age in the heavy, ancient beer barrels in Locher brewery! Their aroma of North European hardwood secretly transports the spirit of malt into their contents, imbibing it with a legendary aroma sufficient to impress even the greatest whisky expert: in 2010, the Appenzell Säntis Malt "Dreifaltigkeit" was nominated "European Whisky of the Year 2010" by whisky pope Jim Murray.


And it’s precisely because there aren’t many original beer barrels left that Säntis Malt is so unique.


If the inhabitants of Appenzell had used it back in 1405, at the battle of Stoss, against the advancing abbot’s army – who knows, but our national Appenzell hero Ueli Rotach might, with a bottle of our Säntis, Sigel, Marwees or Dreifaltigkeit malt, have converted the enemy in the twinkling of an eye into a cheerful group of buddies, instead of becoming a legendary hero… Ah well, he just lived a couple of generations too soon, unlike you. But you have the good right to choose your own taste. You will feel: the aroma of your choice is so unique that from that moment on, you won’t ever want to drink a different variety of malt again. Cheers!

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